Proctored Testing

What is the Testing Center?

Some courses require that exams be proctored: taking an exam in a controlled location under the supervision of a proctor, who monitors students during the exam period. The testing center allows for these proctored examinations.

Proctored Exams
Proctored exams require students to take an examination in a controlled location under the supervision of a proctor, who monitors students during the exam period. A proctored exam permits instructors to limit student access to certain materials such as books, notes, and the Internet and to verify the identity of the individual taking the exam. Not all instructors use proctored exams, but if your instructor requires a proctored exam be sure to schedule your test proctoring day in advance.

If you are a HCTC student you will need to schedule and request test proctoring days and times. If you are a student from another KCTCS College but are taking the class through HCTC, you will need to check the contact for your closest location to take the proctored exam.

What is required to use the Testing Center?

  • A login is required to use the Testing Center.

You must also:

  • Have an official picture ID
  • Know the name of your class and teacher
  • Have made an appointment 72 hours in advance using the Proctor Exam Online Request.

Do I need to make an appointment?

All appointments are scheduled online and advanced registration is required using the Proctor Exam Online Request.  Schedule three days (72 hours) in advance of the time you want to begin your test.

Testing Center location is on the Hazard Campus of HCTC in the First Federal Center, Room 210. On the Lees campus, proctored testing is provided by Tutoring Services in the Breathitt County Life Skills Center at 1127 Main Street in Jackson, KY.  

Have the following information available when you request a proctored exams: your name and contact information (phone and email), the instructors name and contact information, the course name, number, and section (example: MAT 150 45Z1), estimated time/length of test, campus choice, and three dates and times for the exam.

Reminders: The instructor must register the course with passwords and unique course software or requirements as well as what they allow the student to bring to the class through thePoint on the KCTCS Distance Learning Proctor Resource Center (contact your DL Peer Team Member for assistance).

What are my responsibilities as a student?

  • Students must come to the Testing Center . . .
  • Knowing that they must schedule 72 hours (three days) in advance.
  • Knowing the name, number, and section of the course is required.
  • Knowing the teacher’s name and knowing that teacher’s testing requirements is also essential.
  • Knowing their college ID number and coming to the Center with a picture ID.
  • Knowing the location of the Testing Center and how long the test will take.
  • Notifying the instructor if they miss a testing window and it is too late to make it up with the Center.
  • Notifying the instructor if they are involved in a technology failure.
  • Knowing the rules of the Testing Center one of which is no available cell phone during testing.  

How much does it cost to use the Testing Center?

The Testing Center is free for all KCTCS students. A fee is charged for testing for colleges outside the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Students who are requesting a proctored exam for a non-KCTCS institution should print this form to make payment. The fee for non-KCTCS testing is $25.00.

Are there any general guidelines on testing?

Yes and include:

  • A picture ID and Student ID number are required for testing (example of number: 00_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, the numbers currently begin with 00 followed by seven additional numbers).
  • Time limits for testing date, availability, and test duration are all set by the instructor and posted.
  • No cell phone, PDA, or personal computers are allowed to remain visible.
  • Student must be aware of Center hours of operation.
  • Technology failure options are set by the instructor.
  • Other Possible Options include using extra materials such as calculators, dictionaries, text books, supplemental materials may be allowed (the instructor must specify these items in their request).
  • Student may be required to log into class.
  • Postal mailing of materials to a faculty member MAY be required (if this is the case, the student is responsible for the address and postage. The proctor will place the material in the mail)
  • A password may be entered by the proctor to make the test available. Some testing materials are housed in the Testing Center.