Nursing Students

Career Services

HCTC provides assistance for students who are undecided or unsure of a career direction.  We can assist you with career assessments, career counseling and career exploration to help you make a career decision.

HCTC provides services for students transiting into the workforce. Information is available regarding workplace basics, job hunting techniques, resume writing, and interviewing skills. 

HCTC hosts a Career Fair each October attended by area and regional employers. Job announcements received from local business interested in hiring students will be posted and sent by email.  Check your email often for the latest employment opportunities.

The counselor is available on all campuses from August 15-May15 each year. 

For more information please contact:

Helen F. Brunty
Career Counselor
606-487-3077 or 1-800-246-7521, ext. 73077