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FALL 2016/SPRING 2017 UCM/Transfer Events Calendar





Date Time Event Room

Classes begin for HCTC

 8/20/2016    Classes begin at Kentucky State University
 8/22/2016    Classes begin at EKU and Midway University
 8/24/2016    Classes begin at UK and University of Cumberlands
 8/26/2016    Classes begin at Lindsey Wilson College


Date Time Event Room
All schools are closed for the Labor Day Holiday

 9/29/2016  TBA  Health Care Academic Planning Workshop


Date Time Event Room
 10/1/2016    Midterm for KSU, NKU
 10/7/2016    Midterm HCTC
 10/7-8/2016    Finals at Lindsey Wilson
 10/12/2016    Midterm for University of the Cumberlands
 10/14/2016    Midterm for Midway
   Fall Break for Lindsey Wilson College
 10/13/2016    Fall Break for Midway
 10/13-16/2016    Fall Break for the University of the Cumberlands
 10/17/2016    Midterm for EKU, UK

 Fall Break for EKU, KSU, and NKU

 10/24-27/16    Transfer Tips and Treats Week-Door Prizes!
 10/24/2016  10-12  The University of the Cumberlands  UCM 152-JCC
 10/24/2016  1-3  UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health  UCM 152-JCC
 10/24/2016  1-3  University of Pikeville  JCC LOBBY
 10/25/2016  10-12  Morehead State University Open House
 UCM 152-JCC
 10/25/2016  10-12  Murray State University  JCC LOBBY
 10/25/2016  1-3  Eastern Kentucky University  UCM 152-JCC
 10/26/2026  10-2  Criminal Justice Student Organization Bake Sale
 JCC Lobby
 10/26/2016  11-12  Cool Career Workshop-Environmental Health Science
 Eastern Kentucky University     FREE LUNCH!!
 UCM 152-JCC
 10/26/2016  10-2  Midway University  UCM 152-JCC
 10/26/2016  10-2  Indiana Wesleyan University  JCC LOBBY
 10/26/2016  1-3  Lindsey Wilson College  UCM 152-JCC
 10/27/2016  10-12  Alice Lloyd College  JCC LOBBY
 10/27/2016  1-3  Lindsey Wilson College  UCM 152-JCC


Date Time Event Room

All schools are closed for the Presidential Election

 11/17/2016  10-2  Midway University Visit  UCM 152-JCC
 11/23-27/2016    Thanksgiving Holiday University of the Cumberlands
 11/23-26/2016    Thanksgiving Holiday EKU, KSU, NKU, UK, HCTC
 11/23-24/2016    Thanksgiving Holiday Midway  
 11/24-25/2016    Thanksgiving Holiday for LWC


 Date  Time  Event  Room
 TBA    Interview Skills Workshop
 12/2-3/2016    Finals Lindsey Wilson College
 12/3-9/2016    Finals Week KSU
 12/5-10/2016    Finals Week HCTC  
 12/10-16/2016    Finals week NKU
 12/12-15/2016    Finals Week EKU, Midway, Univ of Cumberland, UK


 Date  Time  Event  Room
 1/21/2017   Transfer Day at Morehead State University
Open house, reception, tickets to MSU/EKU game
 1/24/2017  5:30-7:30  UCM UK CERH Partners' "Darkness to Light Training"  CERH, Rm 214


 Date  Time  Event  Room
 TBA    Kentucky College of Optometry-Four-year Transfer Representatives/Advising Appointments  UCM
 TBA    Interview Skills Workshop
 2/27/2017  10-2  Midway University Visit  UCM 152-JCC


 Date  Time  Event  Room
 3/7/2017  10-2  HCTC Career and Job Expo at Lees College Campus  Lees Gym
 TBA    Cool Career Workshop
 3/28/2017  12-2  MSU Education Advisor  UCM


 Date  Time  Event  Room
 4/11/2017    UCM HCTC/EKU Partners' Criminal Justice Career Pathway Fair  UCM
 4/18/2016  10-3  HCTC Spring into Transfer Fair  UCM 152-JCC
 4/18/2017  12:00  Transfer Signing Celebration  UCM 152-JCC
 4/21/2017    Allied Health Recruitment Boot Camp
 Technical Campus


 Date  Time  Event  Room
 5/28/2016    Allied Health Retention Boot Camp
 Technical Campus
 6/19-23/2017    Criminal Justice Camp for Middle Grades  UCM