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September 2, 2015
Mary Pennington will help students achieve their educational goals.
September 1, 2015
Classes are offered to firefighters at no charge.
August 27, 2015
"I have witnessed many positive changes in others’ lives and watched communities get better and safer as a result of social work in action." Misty Frazier
August 26, 2015
Thanks to Applebee's for making this scholarship possible.
August 25, 2015
Women in Appalachia is the focus for the 2016 issue.
August 24, 2015
"This program is great for the region. It brings hope to a group of people who through no fault of their own are out of work and seeking honest work to feed their families." Aubre Hammons
August 20, 2015
"I am thrilled to be located at the Knott County Opportunity Center and hope to make a positive contribution to Knott County.” Bryan Swafford
August 14, 2015
“We are a visual society and visitors will long remember what they see when they visit Jackson. We know the Couch Building art will make a lasting impression.”  President Greiner
August 13, 2015
Kristin is enrolled at both UK and HCTC.
August 12, 2015
"Once I graduated and started my first nursing job, I felt I had been given a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to build upon.”  Christie Wooton
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