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we have found that for our children and

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our children five or six children
attending here 610

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this coming year that is the model for
what college are kids have gone to

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yeah what's really been exciting for us
is that

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at one point we had three kids in
college as we were worrying about how

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you to pay these bills

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the one we didn't worry about what has
retreated from a college

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because that's the most affordable our
children when they left

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hazard Community Palin left your debt

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there were no deaths

00:00:38.100 --> 00:00:42.579
me our kids have friends that have huge

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from college in our kids have some that
there is a death-bed manageable

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and I read that as the concern a lot of

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parents have for students that them are
going back to college

00:00:53.850 --> 00:00:58.469
older adults that probably going to be
able to take care this debt

00:00:58.469 --> 00:01:01.879
but has agreed to balance the financial
aid department works with you

00:01:01.879 --> 00:01:03.369
and is very helpful 

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