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Hi, I'm Tessa...I've had three professors
that have inspired me and gave me a whole

new perspective on college.
One would be Linda Blair, who is sweet and

caring, and as my adviser has motivated me
to reach my full potential. She applies herself

and gives all of her students the individual
help they need.

And then there's Ron Reed, who as a professor
has taught me that there are no limits to

what I can accomplish. He strives in class
to make each and every student feel confident

and involved.
Last but not least, Ms. Madeline Flannery,

with communications. She can take a simple
task, such as communicating, and give students

a whole new outlook on the world. She inspires
people to not only be individual thinkers,

but to also work together and motivate each
other to think critically to become motivational

speakers in our community. These are just
a few reasons I've enjoyed my experience here

at Hazard Community and Technical College.

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The Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music (KSBTM) prepares a student to begin work as a professional bluegrass and traditional musician in the areas of performance, touring, studio recording, studio engineering, and songwriting.

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