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as a key component of Kentucky's
postsecondary education system our

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community and technical colleges are
fueling kentucky's workforce and our

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economic future as a result hundreds of
business champions from across the

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Commonwealth have joined the case ETCs
you will the force advocacy campaign to

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inform state policymakers that an
investment in Casey tCS is an investment

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in Kentucky jobs

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here's what some of these business
champions have to say about the

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importance of our colleges to their
businesses and communities having a

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college here in eastern Kentucky and
hazard unless the county's it's been

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possible for us you know there's not a
university coordinator this region so

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having somewhere where people can go
close to home and not have to move away

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is so important so I think it's really
helped educate a lot of our kids who

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would that's important I thought they
may not be able to

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do college work for transition into a
career path has been a very beneficial

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thing through the dual credit course
offerings both of my daughters came

00:01:04,280 --> 00:01:09,020
through 12th so we're very small
isolated rural school we don't always

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have access to honors classes or AP
classes so having that connection with

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hctz has been able to give my children a
link for more information go to fuel the

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force KY dot com
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